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Pot - Every day could be spring

Pot - Every day could be spring
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If you're a nature lover and you love adding a bit of cosy decoration to your home, then this product we're about to show you is just made for you. Here you have a cute plant pot with a modern design and a motivational message that's full of positive energy so that you break out into a huge smile every time you see it. With this ceramic plant pot you can look after your favourite plant or flower with lots of love and care; the same amount of love and care that we had when we designed and made it. Both in a bright room in your house or outside in the garden, you can plant whatever you like the most in this plant pot so you can see it growing day by day, just like that dream of yours that ended up becoming a plan. Don't worry if you're a beginner at looking after plants, we've added a little helping hand to the packaging which will help you find your ideal plant in terms of the care it needs. Whether it's a cactus, an Aloe vera, or an African violet plant, everything looks fantastic in this plant pot. It'll be spring every day from now on!

Measures: 11,5 x 13,5 cm

Ceramic plant pot featuring a motivational message.