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Pink zip case with snap fastener - Doing my best

Pink zip case with snap fastener - Doing my best
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Do you want your favourite diary to make it to the end of the year safe and sound? We have the solution: this cute pink cover! Because carrying your diary everywhere with you, taking it out of your backpack, taking it to work with you and carrying it here and there has consequences.
This cover is perfect for keeping your diary safe from rogue chewing gum, hair clips and bobbles from last year or the ink from that pen you did not know you had lurking in your bag. Because your plans are ever so important and you would not want anything inside your handbag or backpack to stain or spoil it. Made of PVC with a snap fastener, this cute, pink zip case will do everything it can to ensure your diary or favourite notebook survives the year looking more beautiful than Beyoncé.

Size: 22 x 27,5 cm

- Do not wash (stains can be removed by gently rubbing with a damp cloth).
- Avoid lengthy exposure to sunlight so the colours do not fade.
- Remove the pin badges carefully to avoid breaking them.

Attention! Get this zip case for a veeery special price by adding it to your order upon purchasing any of our planners* (*except the ring-bound planners.