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Pop Socket – Unicorn

Pop Socket – Unicorn
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Ever been trying to watch a documentary on your phone in bed because it's just too much effort to go and get your laptop, but after half an hour or so your hand begins to ache, so you try some sort of contortionism to get into a comfy position where you can still see the phone but without your arm aching? And no matter where you prop your phone up it ends up falling or covered up by half the pillow? Sound familiar? We know, it's a pet hate of ours too! But not to worry! We've discovered a fantastic solution and adding our perfectly Wonderful stamp to it! Pop Sockets! What are Pop Sockets you ask? Well, they're a fantastic solution that you can stick onto the back of your phone (or tablet) to help prop it up whenever you need to using its adjustable grip! And not only do they help you prop up your device so you can enjoy some well-needed down time, but you can also wrap your headphones around them to avoid them getting all tangled up, as is sometimes, sorry, always the case! And what's more, is that this one comes with a fantastic unicorn design to keep you feeling magical every day! Check them out!

- Pop Sockets are a small adhesive support that has been designed to improve the functionailty of smartphones and tablets.
- Once attatched to the back of the device the Pop Socket can be used as a convenient grip for watching videos, typing, or taking photos and can also be used to wrap pesky cables around such as earphones or chargers.
- Pop Sockets are adjustable, meaning they can expand, contract or fold, depending on how you want to use them.