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Pop Socket – Unicorn

Pop Socket – Unicorn
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We want to join you on your journey throughout the day and we thought that the best way to do so is to stick to your mobile phone. Don't you take it everywhere with you? Well now you will have a new companion: this beautiful unicorn who is going to solve a lot of problems for you. Do you want to watch a video as if you were in the cinema? He makes sure that your screen is perfectly oriented. Do you want to take a selfie but your arm said ""I can’t go on""? The unicorn keeps the mobile in the exact place that will bring out your best profile. Not sure where to store your headphones, so they are safe and free from forming knots that take ages to undo? Wrap the cables around him and he will take charge of protecting them with his magic. Have you forgotten how to position your hand so that you don’t drop your phone when you’re typing? He allows you to place it between your fingers and hold it safely. Problem solved! In addition to all that, he is super discreet and he will not tell anyone that, before uploading that photo, you had taken another few thousand that you ended up deleting. If you confide any secret in him, it will be well kept. You can extend or contract it, as it suits you, and it will adapt to any situation without messing up.

PVC phone holder ring (pop socket) with Mr. Wonderful unicorn design. Size: 3.5 cm in diameter.