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Pop Socket - Doughnut

Pop Socket - Doughnut
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We bet that we can get you licking your lips in two syllables: DOUGH-NUT! Bet you did it! And if you didn't, we know you're thinking about biting into some of that fluffy, sugary deliciousness. Whether they're covered in chocolate, filled with jam or custard, or are covered in what seems like half a kilo of sugar, everybody loves a good doughnut from time to time. And something else we know everyone loves is watching a few YouTube videos or documentaries on their phones. We all do it, but sometimes it can be a bit of a pain in the backside when your phone just won't stay upright, and you try all sorts of positions to hold it up and stop your arms from aching. That's why Mr. Wonderful has teamed up with Pop Sockets to give you this fantastic solution; an adjustable Pop Socket grip on the back of your phone to help it stand up wherever you go, and in a doughnut design! Imagine how much easier watching stuff on your phone will be on those looong bus journeys and what's more, you can also wrap your earphones around it to keep them nice and tidy (and tangle-free... fi-na-lly!) This one comes with a fantastic doughnut design for all our sweet-toothed fans out there. Check it out!

- Pop Sockets are a small adhesive support that has been designed to improve the functionailty of smartphones and tablets.
- Once attatched to the back of the device the Pop Socket can be used as a convenient grip for watching videos, typing, or taking photos and can also be used to wrap pesky cables around such as earphones or chargers.
- Pop Sockets are adjustable, meaning they can expand, contract or fold, depending on how you want to use them.