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Pop Socket – Avocado

Pop Socket – Avocado
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Avocados, avocados, avocados, they go with just about anything: on toast, on salads, as guacamole, on their own with salt and now... as a Pop Socket! If you've never heard of a Pop Socket, don't worry, because now's your chance to learn! Pop Sockets are handy little grips that can be stuck onto the back of your phones or tablets to help prop them up so you can continue watching your favourite videos on your phone, but now more comfortably! This Pop Socket is adjustable so that you can pop it back in if you want to carry your phone around with you in your pocket, you'll hardly notice it's there... but can be pulled out far enough to make sure your phone is fully propped up! They're also super useful for winding those pesky earphone wires around to stop them getting all tangled up, which we know is always the case! There'll be no more untangling your earphone for half your journey with this handy gadget! And since we know everybody loves avocados, including us here at Mr. Wonderful, we thought we'd give it a super cute design including one. Warning: may make you hungry. Check it out now!

- Pop Sockets are a small adhesive support that has been designed to improve the functionailty of smartphones and tablets.
- Once attatched to the back of the device the Pop Socket can be used as a convenient grip for watching videos, typing, or taking photos and can also be used to wrap pesky cables around such as earphones or chargers.
- Pop Sockets are adjustable, meaning they can expand, contract or fold, depending on how you want to use them.