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Pillow - Love, love, love

Pillow - Love, love, love
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Wherever we go, we can't help it. We are among those who believe that love can do everything and that almost anything can be solved. Are you like that too? Surely, that's why we love to suddenly think about The Beatles and sing "Love, love, love" whenever the occasion arises and, above all, give that loving touch to our house and our bedroom too. How? Well, with the help of accessories that make us fall in love at first sight and that steal hearts even without intending to. For example, this heart-shaped cushion that is part of Mr. Wonderful's collaboration with home textiles brand Gamanatura. An original and striking cushion that has silicone hollow fibre and is made of 100% cotton. This baby is going to revolutionise the concept of the nap and, also, it is perfect for livening up any sofa or bed in the house by adding a touch of joy and good vibes à la Mr. Wonderful - capable of cheering up even the most grey Mondays and days where things just simply aren’t going your way. Remember that you can also combine the cushion with sheets from this same collaboration to create a unique bedroom style.

Size: 45 x 45 x 10 cm