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Piggy bank for all those adventures that await us

Piggy bank for all those adventures that await us
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Tying the knot, although magical, exciting, unforgettable... and all the other positive adjectives you can possibly think of, is no mean feat. It involves lots of planning, seemingly endless consultations, and a fair amount of penny pinching to bring your matrimonial dreams to life. That can sometimes mean that all the trips, nights out and romantic, candlelit meals you wanted to enjoy with your soon-to-be husband or wife might have to be put on the backburner until further notice.
Here at Mr. Wonderful, we understand that it can be difficult to save up for all the adventures you want to have together, especially if you have bills, subscriptions, gym memberships, health insurance and all the other odds and ends that make adulthood so expensive to pay for. That's why we designed this piggy bank, inside which you'll be able to pop all your loose change and lucky pennies to save up for a rainy day. After all, the day after "I do" is where the adventures really begin, isn't that right? Plus, this adorable little piggy will take pride of place in your house and be a constant reminder that all things are possible with a bit of self-discipline, dedication and team work.

14 x 11 cm

- Ceramic piggy bank with message for couples.
- Perfect wedding gift or for new couples.
- Includes a rubber stopper inside.
- Protect from hard impact.
- Avoid lengthy sun exposure to prevent colour fade.