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Pencil set with character topper erasers

Pencil set with character topper erasers
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You have a lot to write down, all those fantastic ideas that come to mind, all those super-important notes that you take whilst learning, those notes that you take on the go ... and suddenly, wham! A mistake. Well, no problem at all, because that is what this practical set of three pencils are here for, each one with a nice built-in eraser. This way, there will be no error or failure to hold you back, you can immediately erase and start from scratch, as if nothing ever happened. But that is not all, because, in addition to being practical, these three pencils are cute. And their erasers are shaped like a star, cloud and sushi and respectively the print of each of the pencils matches their rubber. So, for the final version not only will there be no mistakes or failures, you can eliminate them with the stroke of a pen with the biggest smile on your face, because it is impossible to resist these three friendly characters. This set of three pencils will become your go to this term! keep them in your pencil case and overcome any challenges. Go achieve those big goals and dreams without stopping!

Size: 0,7 x 18,5 x 1 cm

Set of three Mr. Wonderful pencils with fun shaped erasers included. Each of the erasers are shaped like a star, cloud and sushi, respectively.