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Pencil case with set of character clips - Let's have fun together

Pencil case with set of character clips - Let's have fun together
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Your ideas come and go without stopping, you have set a goal and you are clear that you are going to achieve it. After all, a plan is nothing more than a dream that you have set a date for, right? We are sure that, with so many ideas and a lot of hard work you are going to do it, butttttt ... it is more than likely that, along the way, you generate lots and lots of notes, scribbles and various papers that, let's not forget how important it is to always keep them under control, in order to achieve your desired goal.
But don’t worry, because at Mr. Wonderful we have got your back and have created especially for you these beautiful five paper clips with wonder shapes, so that, in addition to having everything perfectly ordered and under control , your notes will make you smile when you are going for it. This is done by our friendly characters: an avocado, a heart, a unicorn, a narwhal and a cool drink. As if that were not enough, all of them come in a practical transparent case, so that you can always have them under control and to hand.

Features :
- 3 x 7 x 0,5cm
- Set of 5 large paper clips with Mr. Wonderful characters: unicorn, avocado, narwhal, soda and heart. Includes transparent PVC case.