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Pen with squishy - Unicorn

Pen with squishy - Unicorn
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Do you believe in unicorns? I mean, do you believe in the magical and powerful little things that exist in the world? At Mr. Wonderful we have the answer… YES! Because for us the magic does not consist of taking rabbits out of a hat (although sometimes also), but in filling you with joy and good vibes even on the most cloudy and boring Monday. A magic that only happy, positive people who can travel the entire world on their unicorns if necessary, are able to put into practice. That is why these wonderful animals have become one of our favourites when it comes to illustrating products to make you happy every day. Including the writing aids that go a long way to inspire you and help you create a thousand and one great ideas. So, we present you this irresistible unicorn squishy ballpoint pen. A pen that will give you good luck and extra motivation and inspiration whenever you need it. In addition, its squishy unicorn is ideal to squash in moments of nerves or stress. Easy, because afterwards it always returns to its original shape. It is the best of the best!

- 6,5 x 17,5 x 4cm
- Ballpoint pen with a Mr. Wonderful unicorn made from an anti-stress squishy material.