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Passport holder - Lovely Streets

Passport holder - Lovely Streets
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It does not matter if you look spectacular and smiley or if you get the feeling you should have chosen a different photo: your passport will always be the most important thing you pack for a trip. It is an accessory with real power, capable of opening doors at any control point or airport and let you into all the cities you have been dreaming of since you were little. Hurray for the magic of travel documents!

And such an important item deserves the very best pampering with this fantastic Lovely Streets passport holder, which is ready to add a touch of colour and joy to your passport. A passport holder that will enable you to protect and preserve it so it does not get crumpled up in that huge bag of yours and does not get stained with the coffee you are holding in your hand when you are juggling your suitcase, magazines and the rest of your essential travel goodies. What you waiting for? Choose your destination, how you are going to get there and get ready to have fun. We are sure that you, your passport, and its holder will have lots and lots of adventures together.

Size: Open 21.8 x 15 cm. // Closed 10.6 x 15 cm
Passport holder with inside pockets and horizontal elastic closure.
Care: Keep away from heat sources and sharp objects.
Do not expose to sunlight for lengthy periods as the materials and colours could be affected.