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Passport holder - Hello, it's me

Passport holder - Hello, it's me
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The world is such a big place and your passport is your most treasured possession because its pages are filled with trips, excursions, adventures and excitement…Stop it from getting all tattered and torn with a passport holder as pretty as this one. Designed for explorers for whom airports and train stations are a second home.

Your passport goes from your backpack to your handbag, from your handbag through millions of check-in desks around the world, through the hands of airline and security staff...It goes through tropical places where you sweat buckets and freezing cold where a walk in the snow is the dish of the day…It would be a miracle if the poor little thing did not take a battering! So keep those pages full of stamps nice and safe because you have a long way to go to find your favourite place in the world…although sometimes it may be closer than you think!

The town where you grew up, that little bay you discovered by accident last summer or perhaps a lake in a faraway country you don't know when you will get back to. Whatever your favourite place is, tell the world you are there and don't mess up your passport: its pages are priceless!

Size: 10 x 14 x 1 cm