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Passport holder and luggage tag set to travel the world

Passport holder and luggage tag set to travel the world
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Finally, the long-awaited moment has arrived! That’s right: it’s time to go visit all the places you highlighted on your map, the places you have dreamed about for such a long time. You’ve packed your bags, you’ve charged your batteries and there’s plenty of space on your phone for the photos you’re going to take once you get there. But wait, there are a couple other things to check before the trp: Have you packed your passport? Have you labelled your bag? If not, then that’s OK! Here we have a most practical and attractive solution: a passport cover and luggage label set that is waiting to travel the world with you. The set has a passport cover that is perfect for making sure the passport doesn’t get damaged, no matter how often you use it. It also includes a luggage label that will help us find your bags anywhere and in any situation, without a second glance. Come on, you know how stressful it is trying to guess which of the twenty bags of the same colour on the carousel is yours. We’ve all been there at some point! This is why this travel kit is a wonderful gift for travellers.

Passport cover and luggage label set made of PU.