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Pack of pretty travel bags (ENG)

Pack of pretty travel bags (ENG)
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Lovely trips deserve bags as cool as these. An ideal kit so your trips, great adventures and little getaways are as well-organized as can be.
Four bags of different sizes with drawstrings to keep all your essential cables, your most special underwear, shoes and, of course, your laundry, safe and sound. You know how it is.

Set of luggage organiser bags with messages on them. Contains 4 bags: for cables, laundry, shoes and underwear.
Bag sizes:
Bag 1: 25 x 30 cm
Bag 2: 30 x 35 cm
Bag 3: 35 x 40 cm
Bag 4: 40 x 45 cm

- Wash at a maximum of 30ºC.
- Do not tumble dry.
- Do not iron.
- Do not expose to sunlight for lengthy periods as the colours could fade.