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Pack of 3 pens with Maneki-neko shapes - Lucky Collection

Pack of 3 pens with Maneki-neko shapes - Lucky Collection
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It's always helpful having a pen handy when you most need it so you can jot down notes when and wherever inspiration happens to strike. Maybe you need a last-minute shopping list, to remember a super long WiFi password, to play a rudimentary game of noughts and crosses with your friend as you go through a car wash... And what if we said that we were releasing a pack with not only one, nor two, but three Wonder pens? We can hear you jumping for joy from here! Each of these marvellous Maneki-neko pens comes with a different colour ink: one with black and two with blue. Not only that, but each of the pens in this pack comes with a cat that is going to make sure that everything you write is a success! A set of pens that is sure to be a hit with everyone. So, that means that if you're looking for a nifty gift idea and want to give something original, fun, adorable and that will put a smile on anyone's face, you already know what we're going to suggest. And because we all need an extra dose of good luck from time to time, these pens are perfect for any and everyone: your mum, your best friends, cousins, grandparents, partners and, obviously, those crazy cat lovers who can't resist any product with a cat on it. But be warned: we advise that you buy this pack as soon as you finish reading this to minimise the disappointment of you leaving it too late and discovering that they've all flown off the shelves.