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Notepad with wonder-advices

Notepad with wonder-advices
Do you want to be the first person to be notified?

How many times have we been told what we need to do and even though a little voice inside us like Jiminy Cricket tells us that "Yes, that's what you should do", we pay less attention to it than the first slice of bread in the pack. That's how it goes, nobody likes being told what to do. But sometimes, it's good to stop for a minute, reflect, and remember that little bit of advice that makes us be the best version of ourselves and which, in passing, also makes us brim with happiness to be able to give our best every day. That's why we're completely sure that you're going to love to give someone this gift (or give it to yourself). Here you have a memo notepad with the most powerful and cool Wonder-advice the world over so that those things you need to do never ever wipe that smile off your face. With 216 notes and 24 different designs that are repeated 9 times, these notes will be amazing for you to write down your reminders, appointments, amazing plans, and have everything under control. But it's not just that, the Mr. Wonderful characters will constantly remind you to keep being you and to keep smiling at life as if it were a huuuge chocolate bar, and many other things.