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Notebook - You're so close to achieving your goals

Notebook - You're so close to achieving your goals
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After so much work and putting so much effort in, you’re not thinking of throwing in the towel, are you? You’re so close to achieving your goal, all you need to do is recharge your batteries with positive energy and set off on one last sprint. We’ve got a product that will be perfect for you so that your motivation doesn’t go out the window. This spiral-bound notebook features a motivational message that will get you smiling every time you read it and will mean your enthusiasm to come out on top will be even bigger than ever. Are you ready to take on the world? With the dose of energy the front cover of this notebook will give you, you’ll be straight in there with the notetaking and doodling. With its 200 pages you can fit everything you need to in it, from the most on-the-fly notes to the most amazing ideas. You’ll be able to write as quick as you like and organise everything as best as possible and thanks to its small size and hard cover, you’ll be able to take it everywhere and won’t have to worry that its pages are going to get all crumpled up. On top of aaall that, it includes a sheet of stickers to decorate it with. This notebook has got it all!