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Mug "You are a great father and a super grandfather" (ENG)

Mug "You are a great father and a super grandfather" (ENG)
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This mug is only suitable for the best of grandfathers. Because there are grandfathers of all kinds, and then there is you, and you are unbeatable. Because while being a great father is a big deal in itself, being a top-class grandfather too: not just anyone can do that. Only the very best of fathers get promoted to supergrandfathers and you have gone right to the top because compared with all the fathers and grandfathers in the world, you are the best by far.
Thank you for always being there with your smile, your patience and your infinite wisdom. If having you as a father was great, I can't describe how good you are as a grandfather.

I hope this mug reminds you every day of how much we love you, how happy you make us and everything we learn from you.

White porcelain mug. Microwave- and dishwasher-proof.
Mug capacity: 30 cl.