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Mr. Wonderful character rubbers

Mr. Wonderful character rubbers
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When you have so much to say and so, so much more to write… it is completely normal that from time to time you make a little mistake here and there so don’t worry about it. To err is human and, in addition, Mr. Wonderful aims to find beautiful solutions to all your problems, such as this beautiful set of three shaped erasers. The three friendly Mr. Wonderful characters chosen for the occasion and to whom we have entrusted a task of such importance and honour, are none other than our dearest bandit heart, our roundest and sweetest donut and a diamond that shines almost as much as your bright ideas. So when you slip up and go looking for a way to fix it, these guys will be right there to help. Thanks heavens. Keep them in your favourite pencil case, or leave them on your desk at home where they are equally as happy, and you will see how just by looking at them, they are able to make you smile. And, if you are a fan of pretty stationery, like all of Mr. Wonderful, this set of three character shaped erasers will make you fall in love, much like the rest of the stuff we make! So three... two... one... ready for a course of 10!

- 4 x 4 x 0,5cm
- Set of three Mr. Wonderful erasers in the shape of a bandit heart, diamond and donut.