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Mouse pad - Unicorns

Mouse pad - Unicorns
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Your computer mouse is practically giving off sparks. You don’t half get your use out of things! Maybe it's time to give it a break with a Mr. Wonderful mat as fantastic as this one, don't you think? Don't worry, your mouse and the Wonder Unicorn will get along great. honestly, who is going to get on badly with our favourite unicorn? She has the ability to unleash her magic and good vibes on a grand scale. With it, your mouse will feel almost as secure as Beyoncé on stage and your hours in front of the computer will be much more bearable. In addition to increased comfort for you to perform your digital tasks, you will add style to your desk or office. Wow, this unicorn mouse pad is a full-blown win-win.
Warning: the unicorn will not be able to help you with those last minute assignments, it will not give you advice to write to your crush nor will it tell you the answers for your online exams. Of course, it will fill your sleepiest mornings with colour and good vibes, especially when the day feels difficult to get to grips with. Not bad, right?
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Size: 18 x 22 cm

Round mouse pad with Mr. Wonderful unicorns printed on it. 18 x 22 cm.