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Mouse pad - Maneki-neko cat

Mouse pad - Maneki-neko cat
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At this stage you will already know about our history with the Maneki-neko or the cute Japanese cat that attracts fortune while wagging its paw gracefully backwards and forwards. Ah, you didn’t know about it? Well, don’t worry. We’ll summarise it in a few words for you. Since the very beginnings of the non-boring design studio, better known as Mr. Wonderful, this cute mascot has been almost like a lucky charm.. and very nearly by chance. Well, boy did it work! It is definitely down to him and his fortune-bringing capabilities that the company is where it is today, making people’s lives brighter every day. And that's why we want this cat that attracts only good vibes, to also become your greatest sidekick on all your adventures... and tasks! So now we have created a mouse mat in the same shape, one that is practical and indispensable, and is an accessory that you cannot go without having on your desk or in your office. And it will allow you to manoeuvre your mouse much more comfortably and work, or waste time, as you like. Because, of course, we have decorated it with the face of our beloved Maneki-neko and he has told us that he is dying to accompany you in your day to day life, and become your best ally when preparing a thousand and one projects, reports, exams or tasks that are sure to land you top marks… or even more!

- 20 x 20cm