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Mouse pad - Avocados

Mouse pad - Avocados
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Who better than the super cute Wonder avocado to accompany you during your long hours of work or studying? This adorable and smiley little character steals hearts wherever he goes. Has he stolen yours too? Well, careful when sliding the mouse over this beautiful Mr. Wonderful mouse pad, because if you use too much force you could end up making guacamole! All jokes aside, this item has made us fall in love: its cheerful design, its practicality and its perfect size make it an ideal and indispensable accessory for you to carry out tasks on the computer and surf the web as comfortably as possible. Your desk or office will be filled with originality, colour and good vibes and our mouse will slide across the mat like an Olympic skater. Yeah yeah, you know the ones that make gliding around the ice rink look easy (spoiler: it's super complicated, trust us). Of course, this avocado mouse pad would take home all the medals! By the way, it is a good time to remind you that in our online or physical store you will find a great variety of stationery and technology accessories to make your place of study or work a super pleasant sacred temple. Get the ones you like the most!

Size: 18 x 22 cm

Round mouse pad with Mr. Wonderful avocado print. 18 x 22 cm.