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Mouse – Magical unicorns

Mouse – Magical unicorns
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Sometimes our days can be quite monotonous... we go to school, go to work, write something up on the computer, go home... some days just feel like they're lacking a bit of "colour". Here, at Mr. Wonderful we're never lacking in that colour and motivation and we have just the product for you to turn even the dreariest of days into a reason to smile and even sing a little song! We've designed a computer mouse that features plenty of pictures of our favourite character: the unicorn! What could be more magical than that? And just like that, we've turned those monotonous hours by the computer into the perfect reason to crack a smile! Anyone sitting next to you will be asking you what's made you so happy, and once you tell them, they'll want one too! Until the whole office or classroom is decorated in Wonderful unicorn magic! This is a super modern mouse that's wireless and so you can take it with you wherever you go and not have to worry about wires tangling up all over the place. What's more it's rectangular and has a flat surface which gives it a lovely touch of elegance. Check it out here!

- Mouse Wireless Works with 2 AAA batteries
- Battery not included
- Cordless mouse with a wireless receiver to connect to your computer's USB port.
- Made in a rectangular shape with a flat surface making it minimal and elegant but still playful thanks to its funny and colourful graphics!v