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Mouse and mousepad set - Hearts

Mouse and mousepad set - Hearts
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Out of the 7,594 billion in the world, there is one person, just one, who surpasses and breaks all records of heart emojis in your chats. Do you already know who we’re referring to? It may be your sweetheart who wishes you a good morning and good night without fail, your closest friend in the world who always brings you a smile or that buddy who manages to make you laugh over and over again in the gym, in the office or in the queue at the supermarket. Whoever it is, they've earned this Mr. Wonderful mouse and mouse pad set with hearts as the focus - the perfect print for that very special person. This is quite a gift for friends or for loved-up couples, who always give everything for their dreams. It’s practical, useful and, of course, a sweet way to liven up your desk, office and your own heart, of course. Because in addition to being incredibly ​​comfortable for spending hours staring at the screen, these super cute hearts with a smile and endless good vibes, will bring an extra touch of joy to everyone around them. This mouse and mouse pad set has it all, you just need to think about when and how you’re going to surprise that special someone: for Christmas, for their birthday, to celebrate the beginning of a new stage in their lives or a dream come true. You choose!

- 22 x 18 cm