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Mouse and mousepad set - Avocados

Mouse and mousepad set - Avocados
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You don’t refer to it as pistachio green, for you it’s always ripe avocado green, when you look at the menu of a restaurant your eyes go straight to the dish that contains this secret ingredient, you always tell people that it is your favourite food and, of course, your quintessential breakfast ingredient. If while reading all this you have felt identified or have thought of a person who it suits to a tee, we have something for you: a mouse and mousepad set featuring the most adorable avocados in the world and with a smile capable of making you happy from Monday to Sunday (for as many hours as you have to dedicate to staring at the computer). We’ll give you a quick moment to be able to comprehend the existence of so much beauty together - we know that it is definitely not a simple process. And finding a gift (or a treat for yourself) that combines practicality with the style worthy of the most influential Instagram influencer, is not something that happens every day. Therefore, make sure you make the most of it and get inspired to surprise that avocado lover that you know so well and that you can say 100% confidently that you will be right with this gift for good gourmet-loving friends. It's always a good time to give away this avocado mouse and mousepad set, and you know it!

- 22 x 18cm