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Mint steel thermos Saro Baby - Pandas

Mint steel thermos Saro Baby - Pandas

We know what the little ones are like! When they are hungry and thirsty they set off all alarms. Don't worry, with some great mums and dads like you, things will get better and better! In order to help you in your baby's stages of growth, we have teamed up with the renowned brand Saro to create items as great as this beautiful, practical and unbreakable steel thermos.
It is a very cool thermos for liquids, with a handle and silicone lid. Inside it you can keep food and drink for your little one, warm or even cold. Also note that there is some space for you to keep a lot of love inside it too. Wherever you go, liquids will stay hot or cold for up to 6 hours and food will feel fresh. The kids will lick their lips like a kitten that was just fed, yum!
Also, have you noticed how cool its design is? Its mint colour transmits calm and peace and the panda bears fill this thermos bottle with sweetness. Its screw cap is also great: it will ensure that you do not spill any liquid along the way and you can use it as a cup. This product is ideal for you to make your baby's tummy happy! Allows you to transport hot or cold beverages * for approximately 6 hours. * (initial temperature 95ºC)

• Capacity: 500 ml.
• Screw cap that allows the lid to be used as a cup.
• Highest quality 304 steel. Unbreakable!
• Double stainless steel inner wall with vacuum chamber: provides maximum thermal performance.


• Clean with soap and water before first use. Do not clean with abrasive products. Do not put in dishwasher.
• Do not clean with abrasive products.
• Not recommended for carbonated, acidic or alkaline liquids.

Termo de acero mint Saro Baby - Pandas
Mint steel thermos Saro Baby - Pandas