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Milk glass keyring for fresh people

Milk glass keyring for fresh people

A good glass of milk is always a wonderful way to start or end the day in the most relaxed way possible after so many hours going full out. If you do not believe it, ask one of our favourite keyrings: a soft, three-dimensional glass of milk that will always be a great way to know where your house or car keys are even if your handbag or backpack is XXL. An accessory that will be the centre of everyone's attention and the life and soul of the party.

Size: 3,5 x 5 x 1 cm

Three-dimensional rubber keyring in the shape of a glass of milk.

- Do not get the metal part wet.
-The rubber can be cleaned by rubbing it with a damp cloth.
- Do not expose the product to sunlight for lengthy periods as the colours may fade.

Milk glass key-ring for fresh people
Milk glass keyring for fresh people