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Metal sunglasses - Gold + tortoiseshell + pink

Metal sunglasses - Gold + tortoiseshell + pink

You already know that at Mr. Wonderful we are super fans of everything that includes good vibes and that we like to always see the positive side of life. If you want to be like us and see everything with a positive outlook, we have a product that can help you manage to do it more easily: spectacular sunglasses! Yes, the new sunglasses collection created by Mr. Wonderful in partnership with the brand OPTIM, a specialist in the eyewear sector, has arrived! We are bringing you lots of super adorable sunglass models, with polarised gradient lenses and a category 3 sun filter to protect your lovely little eyes. We have several different shapes, for different types of bone structure and for all tastes. Here, we show you our our sunglasses with round lenses, that give a sort of cat's eye effect, with a combination of metal, tortoiseshell and light pink accents. Are they Wonderful or are they not? We are very big fans of this model and we are sure that they will suit you down to the ground and will go with that nice smile of yours.
And when you take yours out, don't forget to take your soft case and free cleaning cloth with you! You will love them!

Size: 54 x 19 x 140 mm

Metal sunglasses with polarised lenses with a gradient tint and with category 3 sun filter. Includes soft glasses case and cleaning cloth.

Gafas de sol de metal - Oro + Carey + Rosa
Metal sunglasses - Gold + tortoiseshell + pink