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Metal sunglasses - Gold + Black + Pink

Metal sunglasses - Gold + Black + Pink

Imagine this: the sun is shining outside, the birds are singing at the top of their lungs, there is a nice breeze coming in through the window and inviting you to go out and enjoy the day to the absolute fullest. What are you going to take with you in your suitcase, your purse or your backpack to ensure you can enjoy your day outdoors? Do you want help deciding? Well here's our list: house keys, wallet, mobile phone, sunscreen (if you're going to be out in the sun for a long time), cap or another hat and, of course, these new glasses from Mr. Wonderful. Yes! A new collection of sunglasses has arrived that we created in partnership with a specialist brand in the eyewear sector, in order to bring you stylish accessories of the highest quality. These beautiful metal sunglasses with black and pink details have polarised lenses with a gradient tint, for different light intensities, with category 3 sun protection to protect your beautiful eyes. Inject a touch of style to that oufit that is almost perfect and was just missing that little something that you have not yet managed to identify.
In addition to all that, these glasses come with a soft case to store them in and a lovely cleaning cloth.

Size: 54 x 19 x 140 mm

Metal sunglasses with polarised lenses with a gradient tint and with category 3 sun filter. Includes soft glasses case and cleaning cloth.

Gafas de sol de metal - Oro + Negro + Rosa
Metal sunglasses - Gold + Black + Pink