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Memo note pad - Don't forget

Memo note pad - Don't forget
Do you want to be the first person to be notified?

You've had five alarms go off in 10 minutes, you've tried setting up reminders on your phone, and you've even tried roping in your friend so she reminds you, but nothing works. Your Dory memory seems like a lost cause. But don't worry about it, sometimes the solution is right in front of us and we're not able to see it because it's just too easy. And sometimes, the easiest solutions are the most effective, like fried eggs on chips or naps on the sofa. So, why not try using the common sticky note? Let us introduce you to this memo notepad with 120 notes so that you can write down your appointments with the doctor, your out-of-the-blue plans, your ideas for a gift for your best friend, or some loving words to make your other half's morning that little bit sweeter, it's up to you. As well as that, it has four different designs that are repeated over the 120 notes so that each note is different, but still as cute. Keep them in your diary, between the pages of your favourite book, or stick them on the fridge so you can always keep them in mind and you'll see that from now on, nothing will pass you by.