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Medium-sized umbrella blue colour - Clouds inside pattern

Medium-sized umbrella blue colour - Clouds inside pattern
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Imagine you have something you have been looking forward to for ages and that day it decides to go and rain. Don't worry because these things happen and all you need to do is put on some pretty wellies, wrap up well and grab your umbrella.
Because there is no storm that can spoil a party, birthday or even a super important work meeting or university get-together. So be prepared and take this ever so practical and convenient umbrella with you wherever you go.

It is medium-sized so you can easily carry it around without leaving it behind in an umbrella stand. This umbrella is double-sided. It is light blue on the outside and is purple with a cloud and lightning pattern on the inside. Manual-opening, eight reinforced rods, made of polyester.

Medium-sized foldable umbrella, windproof reinforced, double-sided, made of polyester. It has a modern pattern with a turquoise background on the inside of the umbrella and is pink on the outside. Manual-opening, eight reinforced rods.
Size: Approximately 6.5 x 25 cm and each rod is 54 cm long.