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Magnetic whiteboard - Cupcake

Magnetic whiteboard - Cupcake

We all know what it's like: you go to the supermarket to do your weekly shop, you get home and... argh! You forgot the milk! You need your housemate to do a favour for you at 5 o'clock but they lose track of time. And so, the cycle continues. But hey! There's an alternative. It's easy and it'll look great in your home: a magnetic whiteboard for your fridge. But not just any whiteboard, you need a delicious one like this one with our wonderful cupcake at centre stage. The sweet design of this cupcake-shaped whiteboard will give your kitchen a delicious touch. You can write down anything you need to on this board, whether it's the shopping list, that important appointment you can't forget, or little notes to make people smile. And all of this thanks to the magnetic whiteboard marker it comes with; you'll always find it right next to the board! The marker also comes with an eraser on the lid so you can rub out and rewrite whatever you need to (and as many times as you like!) This whiteboard is the ideal size for you to fit absolutely all the scribbles you can think of on it and its magnetic back will make sure this cupcake stays put no matter how many times you open and close the fridge. Doesn't it look delicious?

Size: 26 x 35,5 x 0,5 cm

Indications and care:
- Magnetic cupcake-shaped whiteboard. Comes with a magnetic marker with lid eraser.
- Keep away from heat sources. Do not expose to sunlight over long periods of time to avoid colours fading.

Magnetic whiteboard - Cupcake
Magnetic whiteboard - Cupcake