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Magical Bracelet - Unicorn

Magical Bracelet - Unicorn
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Find your inner magic, leave your worries aside and show just how capable you are. By giving your all, trying again as many times as needed, and always being on top form you’ll soon manage to cross off all the dreams you’ve put on your list, you’ll see. Sometimes, you just need a bit of self-belief to create amazing things. Top up your energy levels and be sure to spread your get-up-and-go attitude, happiness, and motivation with everyone around you to achieve all the goals you set yourself from here to the other end of the rainbow. How can you do this? Well, with this cool bracelet featuring a unicorn charm.
Legend has it that whoever wears this magical bracelet will be on top of their game every single day to make their dreams come true and go far in life (and really far at that!) Why not test it out? Rose-gold and made in stainless steel, it’s the perfect gift to put a smile on your favourite person’s face. Its natural shine makes it a special addition to any jewellery collection and its fastening clasp means that even the little ones will be able to put it on and take it off with ease. And one thing is absolutely clear, since it’s so cool, there’s no chance this friendly little unicorn will go unnoticed.

19 x 1,5cm

In order to best protect this product, it is advisable not to wet it with water.

Includes free elastic bracelet in a presentation box and exclusive bag from the collection