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Magazine Nº4 Mr. Wonderful Ideas

Magazine Nº4 Mr. Wonderful Ideas
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Oh yeah! The fourth edition is out now. And we are tremendously pleased because inside you can find a million reasons to dream, to dare, to take risks and, above all, to do a whole lot more of what you like and what makes you happy.

A magazine full of delightful handicrafts, finger-licking recipes and recommendations so you can find out about the best books, the coolest stores and plan your getaway to Australia or Portugal or simply wander the most photographed streets of Madrid. Ready to pack your bags?

Plus, you can hear some little secrets from the gorgeous Trendy Taste, be amazed by Anna Ponsa's looks, take a sneak peek at We are Knitters' home and go to a folk-style wedding reception in the countryside. What more could you ask for?

Well, for example, a download you can use to make a lovely gift for newborns. And much, much more! But for that you will have to immerse yourself in the new edition of the magazine with the most ideas in the whole wide world, Mr.Wonderful Ideas no. 4, and find out for yourself.

- 112 pages and 6 gift labels.

Only available in Spanish.