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Magazine Nº3 Mr. Wonderful Ideas

Magazine Nº3 Mr. Wonderful Ideas
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Good things come in threes and we finally have the third edition of our Mr. Wonderful Ideas magazine fresh out of the oven and in our hands!

It is a magazine to take your time to enjoy reading and dream about so many things to do: travelling around and getting lost somewhere new, learning something new every day, having new experiences, making amazing plans, etc.
There are all kinds of things in this magazine from a recipe for a great ceviche to a banana split that will drive you crazy with joy, through a trip to the prettiest places in Denmark and Tarifa and an essential itinerary to enjoy California without rushing.
There is also space for arts and crafts, tips, tricks, things that we have fallen in love with, and great little recommendations for books, music, kids' activities and pretty little shops to make your summer afternoons even lovelier still.
It is a magazine made with lots of love and the best contributors in the whole wide world such as the fantastic artist and illustrator Ana Santos, the gorgeous it girl Marta, the original Lyona, and many, many others we would love you to meet.
It comes with a couple of really cute bookmarks and two page markers inside so you never lose your favorite places.

Contents: 112 pages, 2 bookmarks and 2 page markers.

Only available in Spanish.