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Luggage label - On the road again

Luggage label - On the road again

Is there anything better than travelling, dreaming and remembering that fantastic experience for ever and ever? Yes: having your luggage come back with you after each of those getaways and not hoping it comes home in time for Christmas. And for that there is nothing better than having a pretty luggage label you can put on your suitcase or adventure bag. This luggage label is perfect for you to put your full name on, or even that nickname they gave you in school if you fancy, just in case your suitcase stays on holiday without you. That way it will always know how to find its way back to you. For suitcases and explorers who are always on the the road, time and time again.

Size: 7 x 11,2 x 0,4 cm
- Do not wash (stains can be cleaned off by gently rubbing with a damp cloth).
- Do not dry clean.
- Avoid lengthy exposure to sunlight so the colours do not fade.

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Luggage label - On the road again