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Lorena Canals Washable Rug - Little Superstar

Lorena Canals Washable Rug - Little Superstar
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You have fallen at her feet. Your little one has a gift: she has just arrived and has already stolen your heart away. Her cheeky eyes, smile and affection make her a real artist and she always gets what she wants: more kisses and cuddles. A red-carpet superstar has been born. But for the moment, give her a rug as unique as your sweet darling!

Designed by us for Lorena Canals, we have the perfect rug for your little one to crawl around on with all the grace and style she needs to take on the whole world. It is handmade with natural dyes and also made of 100% cotton, which makes it so soft. Plus, it is really easy to wash so nothing gets in the way of your fun.

Size: 120 cm
- Handmade rug with natural dyes, made of 100% cotton, easily washable, with the message "Little Superstar!" on it.
- Designed by Mr. Wonderful for Lorena Canals.
- It is an artisanal product, so there may be small differences between one item and the next.
- Machine wash in cold water.
- Do not use bleach.
- An environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible product.