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Lorena Canals Washable Rug - Happy Heart

Lorena Canals Washable Rug - Happy Heart
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Sometimes, the little details are what make your heart more content. And the same is true when we are talking about decorating your home. It really is the little things that manage to make you feel at home and that allow you to give a unique and personal touch to any corner. That’s why we’re so happy and excited to introduce to you our new collection that was born from our collaboration with the brand Lorena Canals. An eco-friendly company that uses natural fibres and inks to offer rugs of maximum quality (and they are super cute on top of that).
What you see in these pictures is the most adorable rug in the entire collection, a design made to steal hearts and to put huge smiles on everyone's faces: our heart-shaped rug. Ideal to give an even more special look to your room, living room or your favorite corner of the house. If you're enjoying what you see, read on, because we want to tell you a little more. This rug is handmade and worked with natural inks, made with 100% cotton and is easily washable. Its heart design will make you fall in love with this product and continue to love it every time you see it.

Size: 90 x 105 cm.

Rug made by hand and worked with natural inks. With a heart design, made of cotton and easily washable. Designed by Mr. Wonderful for Lorena Canals.
Machine wash on cold. Do not use bleach.