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Lever arch file - Rockstar in study mood

Lever arch file - Rockstar in study mood
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Studying, brushing your teeth or popping out for a loaf of bread, whatever you are doing you put class, style and rock & roll rhythm into everything. It does not matter if you have only slept for four hours after revising for that exam or you were dancing till the sun came up, you are always ready to do some moves worthy of Got Talent and keep giving your very best.
So we have designed a lever arch file designed specially for you: it is cool, fun and as eager to party as you are. The four rings are just what you need to keep aaaalllll of your bits of paper, notes, sheets and summaries safe and sound and looking totally arty. With this file, it will not just be your playlist that shows you are a rock star (even if you do get a bit serious when you need to and get buried under mountains of books from time to time). We know what you are like!

Size: 27,8 x 5 x 33 cm