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Letter P necklace

Letter P necklace

If you had to choose your favourite word starting with the letter P, which one would it be? (Swimming) pool? Peach? Portugal? Perfection? There are many cool words starting with that letter, but do you know which is one of our favourites? Present! Like the one you are going to give yourself or someone else you love whose name starts with P. Because, what could be more perfect to give to a person called Paula, Patricia or Penelope than this beautiful silver necklace from Mr. Wonderful, decorated with the letter P? It is an accessory that can be used with any style of clothing, whether for a formal event or for something casual like meeting up with friends or a walk in the countryside, because it goes very well with everything. We put in a lot of affection and attention to detail and we chose quality materials so that it lasts for a long time. And do you know what else we did to make you smile at the time of purchase? We decided to put your new necklace in a special bag, exclusive to our jewellery collection. But wait, there's more! In addition to your gift, you will receive a Wonder bracelet absolutely free! Run to go buy your necklace now!

Size: 9 x 47 x 0,5 cm

Shiny silver coloured steel necklace with carabiner clasp. With a pendant in the shape of the letter P made of the same material. Includes an exclusive bag from the collection and an elastic gift bracelet. Necklace length: 47 cm.
For the product to last a long time in perfect condition, it is recommended not to get it wet.

Collar Letra P
Letter P necklace