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Letter M necklace

Letter M necklace

Hip, hip, hip, hooray! We have just launched a new collection of watches and jewelry that will have everyone going crazy. Why? Because these beautiful jewelry items are made with high quality materials and designed with great love and attention to detail, with little touches that make them magical and characteristic of the Wonder world. Here we present one of our golden necklaces, decorated with the letter M. This is the perfect gift to give yourself, because you're so amazing that you deserve to be pampered, by others or by yourself. It doesn't matter if your first name doesn't start with the letter M, because there are a thousand and one fantastic words that start with it, like the name of some of the most beautiful places in the world, like the Maldives, Madagascar or Monaco. There are also other super cool things starting with an M, like music and magic. And of course, Mr. Wonderful! So it's clear, you have many reasons to buy this charming necklace with the letter M. And you will have a nice surprise when you do, because you will not only receive an exclusive bag from the collection, but also an elastic bracelet as a gift.

Size: 9 x 47 x 0.9 cm

Shiny golden coloured steel necklace with carabiner clasp. With a pendant in the shape of the letter M made of the same material. Includes an exclusive bag from the collection and an elastic gift bracelet. Necklace length: 47 cm.
For the product to last a long time in perfect condition, it is recommended not to get it wet.

Collar Letra M
Letter M necklace