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Letter M earrings

Letter M earrings
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Do you have a birthday party to go to? A special dinner with your better half? Are you preparing a meeting where you will have to make a presentation at work? Are you going to have a picnic with your friends next weekend? Then we have the ideal accessory for you: a pair of golden and shiny earrings with a circular shape. One of the earrings is decorated with the letter M and the other is decorated with a friendly little Wonder star. They will complete any outfit at any time. Because a pair of earrings always adds an extra touch of style and these earrings from Mr. Wonderful even more so! So, you know, the next time you think that you are deserving of a treat, grab this Wonder product and go out on the street to show them off. It is also perfect to offer as a gift someone you love, whose name starts with the letter C. And at the time of purchase, we have a surprise for you: these golden earrings from Mr. Wonderful come with a special bag exclusive to this collection and also with a gift elastic bracelet, just for you!

Size: 7 x 2,2 x 0,7 cm

Steel earrings in a shiny golden colour with snap-on closure. The earrings are different from each other: one is a ring with the letter M and the other is a ring with a Wonder star, both made of the same material. Includes an exclusive bag from the collection and an elastic gift bracelet. Size of earrings: 2.2 x 2.2 cm.