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Letter L earrings

Letter L earrings

What are the best accessories you can use to make any of your outifts look even more spectacular? The best of all is your wonderful smile, able to illuminate any room, space or place you walk into. And the second best is ... drum roll please ... this set of silver steel earrings from Mr. Wonderful! Because they are beautiful, delicate and shiny and each one includes a different decoration: one has the letter L hanging and the other has a small and nice Wonder heart, that's why they go with EVERYTHING! Besides, they are a super special gift for someone you love, whose name starts with the letter L. Or if you want, gift them to yourself, because from time to time you deserve to receive a treat for being the fantastic person you are and for dedicating yourself to everything with a lot of talent and willpower.
When you go to buy your silver earrings from Mr. Wonderful you will receive two surprises: an exclusive bag from this collection and a beautiful colourful elastic bracelet as a gift, decorated with a cute little Wonder star! If you liked what you read and what you see in these photos, don't hesitate, because we are sure that this product will sell out in an instant.

Size: 7 x 2.2 x 0.7 cm

Steel earrings in a shiny silver colour with snap closure. The earrings are different from each other: one is a ring with the letter L and the other is a ring with a Wonder heart, both made of the same material. Includes an exclusive bag from the collection and an elastic gift bracelet. Size of earrings: 2.2 x 2.2 cm.
To keep the pieces in perfect condition for a longer time, it is recommended not to wet them.

Pendientes Letra L
Letter L earrings