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Large-sized umbrella blue colour - Planet print

Large-sized umbrella blue colour - Planet print
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It doesn’t matter which planet you’re on, you rock! Whether it’s Friday or Monday or whether it’s pouring down in buckets, you’re one of those people who can get through it all – and with a smile on your face! That being said, you still need to take your umbrella with you! That’s why we’ve created this amazing, large umbrella. It’s made in a greyish colour with pink features, and you’re going to love it! Polyester and with 16 reinforced rods, you’ll be suuuper chill with this umbrella and won’t have to worry about it turning inside out in the wind. Its hook-shaped handle makes carrying it about a breeze, both when you’ve got it up in the rain or when it’s fiiinally stopped raining and you can have it down for a while. Once down, it takes up very little space and it comes with a handy case so you can put it away and not worry about getting everything wet. Its automatic opening system means you can put it up in the blink of an eye, it’s got you covered! It also features a practical fastening strap that comes with a very fun and Wonderful message. There’s no doubt about it, this umbrella is made for you!

Measures: 89 x 13 cm