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Lanyard with mask holder - Avocado

Lanyard with mask holder - Avocado

Although the mask has become an essential accessory, we are still not sure what to do with it when we take it off outside the home. ""Oh, do I leave it on the table? Do I keep it in my pocket? Shall I give it to this kind person for safekeeping? Friends, that last option isn’t even worth considering. In fact, the option that we recommend from Mr. Wonderful is the following: use a mask strap. Why? Because it is a convenient way to store it, very easy to use, and it will allow you to have your mask on hand whenever necessary. In addition, with this set-up you will be sure not to lose it. Mask, as long as the new normal lasts, we want to keep you very close! Please don't abandon us.
In our line of original designs and that go beyond the more conventional, we have included our super popular avocado in this mask strap. It will accompany you on your forays abroad, will be your travel companion and will take care of your mask. And yes, it will also be the one who steals the odd look! Whatever your mask, this strap will look great on you! You know, put a Mr. Wonderful mask strap in your life and you will go forth and conquer!
Ah! And if that wasn't enough, this fantastic mask holding strap comes with two little loops so you can also hang your glasses from it. Yes, yes.. we consider every little thing! ;)

Mask lanyard, made from polyester, 60cm in length with a Wonder avocado at the end. It comes with extra hooks at each end so that you can also attach it to your glasses.

Lanyard cinta portamascarillas - Aguacate
Lanyard with mask holder - Avocado