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Kit to decorate and show off your wonder diary

Kit to decorate and show off your wonder diary
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Well, well... how were we going to present our new diaries and all their new accessories to make them even more special and unique?! Mr. Wonderful diaries have been helping thousands of very cool students and workers, keeping their motivation strong and allowing them to work in style throughout the year. The Mr. Wonderful diary has it all but it never hurts to add a little kit to personalise it and make it your very own.

Show off and use this kit to decorate your diary, making sure it is the best of the best. It contains a lot of things to make sure that the inside of your diary is more than just beautiful. Do you want to know what you can find in this special decorating kit? Well nothing more or nothing less than:
- 1 ballpoint pen
- 1 drawing stencil
- 3 magnetic mini bookmarks
- 3 super fun clips
So, as you can see, in this kit to decorate your wonder diary you will have everything you need and more, adding style and fun to your favourite diary.

Medidas: 25 x 10 0,3 cm