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Kit relax - Kit superrelajante para estar bonita en un instante

Kit relax - Kit superrelajante para estar bonita en un instante
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Replying to 67 e-mails and 315 messages from your WhatsApp groups, rushing off to the office, language, creative photography and cross-fit classes day after day ... Time to slow down, girl! So at some point in the day you can relax your pace but always keep looking fantastic, this mint-coloured toiletries bag contains 4 products with the power to transform your bathroom into a city spa. You will be the prettiest of them all in a flash. Shampoo to give you dazzling locks, body scrub to make your skin shine and moisturising body cream and lotion with a scent and feel you will love. Make room in your bathroom for this kit and take a break for five (or ten or twenty) minutes because the world out there will carry on ... but you will be able to let your beauty shine.

Size: 14.7 x 17 cm
Description:Mint-coloured plastic toiletries bag with copy: "Total relaxation kit so you feel beautiful in an instant". It contains 4 beauty and personal care products: voluminising shampoo, bath oil, moisturising cream and body scrub. They have all been dermatologically tested, are hypoallergenic and are suitable for all skin types.
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