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Kit book + pen - Our stuff and other nonsense

Kit book + pen - Our stuff and other nonsense
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This book is not exactly a book. It is a game for couples, a brilliant invention for finding out more about one another. It is a book specially designed for you two. The idea is for each of you to write in a different colored pen and fill in each page with whatever comes to mind. It is important to do it without being pressured by the other person. Here you can say whatever you feel! If you do it together, you will have fun reading what the other one writes. The idea is for you to share it so you can be surprised by each other’s answers. Want to bet there are lots of things you don’t know about each other?

This pack has two pens in different colors (black and blue) so you can differenciate the responses between each other

9 out of 10 couples recommend it!
(That other 1 was a real bore)

Size: 48 pages, 18,7 x 22,1 cm