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Kit beauty - Kit pibón para robar más de un corazón

Kit beauty - Kit pibón para robar más de un corazón
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Have you ever heard those celebrities who say all you need to look like them is to sleep 8 hours and drink 2 litres of water a day? Sure, sleeping well and drinking water is very healthy, but the real magic formula for total cuties is what comes inside this toiletries bag. It has everything, absolutely all the things you need so not even Beyoncé herself could put you in the shade. Now how you feel about your body? Fantastic because when you try out this trio of products, you will feel like going out to dinner, partying or dancing. It comes with micellar water and facial cleanser so your skin feels wonderful, plus moisturising cream that will make you look dazzling, and to give the final magic touch: flash ampoules! Suitable for any skin type, they have all been dermatologically tested to bring out your inner power and make you look like such a bombshell you will lose count of the heads that turn as you walk by. With this kit you will look as pretty as can be in a flash.

Size: 16.2 x 17 cm
Description: Pink PU and PVC plastic toiletries bag with zip.
It contains 4 beauty and facial care products: micellar water, a pack of 3 flash ampoules, facial moisturising cream and a facial cleanser..